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Fire Protection Design

The goal is to ensure our Clients protect their assets and facilities (fire loss) and manage the business interruption risks. We go above and beyond by improving Client agility, flexibility and resilience to meet the ever-changing demands of the Fire Safety Legislations.

BLUEPRINT Business Partners B.V. is a member of the IPMS Group companies registered in the Netherlands. BLUEPRINT is a dedicated provider of a wide range of fire protection services and value improving design solutions in the Oil & Gas (on-shore & off-shore), Petrochemical and Fine Chemicals industries, in Buildings and Infrastructure (e.g. tunnels).

Our Tailored Solutions

  • Fire Protection Design and Engineering ('greenfield' and 'brownfield' projects) 

    • FP Strategy, Specifications & Technical Drawings 
    • CFD Simulations
    • 3D and VR Simulations
    • Technical Bid Evaluations
  • Fire Safety Surveys and Audits

  • Fire Safety Legislation Compliance Review 

  • Building Codes Conformity and Permitting Support
  • Regulations vs Good Practice
  • Certifications
  • Fire Risk Assessment Workshops and Scenario Analysis

  • Capacity building and training of fire protection designers / engineers

  • Assets Design and Modelling - MEP, CSA, BIM, VR

  • Project Control and Management, Planning, Cost Estimates (CAPEX and OPEX)

Our Value Proposition 

  • Knowledgable Fire Protection Professionals - we speak from experience 

  • Delivering overall project integrated services - predictable, smarter and better performance 

  • Understanding the (new) stringent legislations - we design and upgrade 'up to code'

  • Challenging the current status - we are a contractor and vendor neutral

  • Identifying fire risks and improvement opportunities - we provide fit for purpose solutions

  • Efficient project collaboration with all engineering disciplines - we enhance team performance

  • Protecting business assets and communities - we take responsibility



We are associated with

Whole-life fire protection value analysis can be used to justify whether an alternative with a higher capital cost is justified.

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