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Audits and Reviews

The main goals of every audit are to assess the current state of the project, highlight areas of good practice and successes, raise awareness of key issues, suggest improvements for elimination of problem areas and develop guidelines for achieving better future performance of the project organization.

In the role of an external auditor and reviewer we are responsible for providing an independent objective analysis on critical project parameters and functionalities, performances, schedule risks and budget constraints, inconsistencies and non-compliances. If the audit focus is on quality assurance, we will verify if your project is compliant with plans, procedures, instructions, regulations and standards through a review of objective evidence.

The following are some of the key auditing-related subjects that help us identify and understand the risk profile faced by your project organization:

  • Scope Review and Project Definition (PDRI)

  • Technical and Safety-in-Design Assessment (including HAZOP/LOPA/HAZID reviews)

  • Staff Competencies and Communication

  • Project Integration and Interface Management

  • Project Controls (budget allocation, schedule, TIC, cost accounting practices)

  • Management of Change

  • Quality Management System

  • Project and Programme Governance 

  • Procurement Policies Compliance

  • Plant Operational & Maintenance Readiness Review

  • Adequacy of Tools (IT) and Document Management

Budget constraints and deadlines pressure can cause the project team to underestimate or have a distorted view on the true state of the project. To help accurately interpret the project, our consultants use auditing processes that time-efficiently evaluate the progress status and provide advice where improvements need to be made.

We aim at a collaborative relationship with your organization based on clear, open, honest and continuing communication. We are focussed on evaluating organizational and team performance rather than appraisal of individuals.

Our external audits prevent potential conflict of interest. Very often individuals interviewed will find that speaking with our consultant provides them with an opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions about their involvement in the project and/or the impact the project has had on their professional and private life. We encourage this ‘venting’ and recognize it as an integral part of the auditing process. Taking up this behaviour helps us greatly in detecting all opportunities for project improvement including finding the right topics for your next team building session.

We do not rest until we find the best possible solution to the issues detected during our review sessions.

The audits and interdisciplinary workshops are designed for minimum disruption of your ongoing project operations.

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