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Contract and Claims Management

Contract management is a continuous process, which starts with analysis and evaluation of the project needs, carries on through contract preparation, contractor selection, administration and concludes with contract closure and fulfilment of all contractual obligations.

Unfortunately, some contracts are written by lawyers in such a way that only other lawyers can understand them. Strictly speaking, every article and requirement of the contract must be unambiguously understood by all project participants, if the contents of the contract are to be faithfully carried out.

After signing the contract, the project team needs to analyze the contract in order to ensure that all members understand what has been signed, what their obligations are and the scope of work to be implemented. It is therefore of paramount importance, prior to contract drafting, to fully understand the project execution model and the risk profile involved in order to draw up clear terms and conditions perceived by all stakeholders in the same way.

Contract management activities are the responsibility of the project director and delegated to the assigned contract manager. IPMS can assist you by involving a contract manager who brings in his professional experience, takes responsibility for the entire contracting process, and ensures the contribution of all team members from a very early stage of the project.

In our opinion, claims and dispute avoidance starts at the very beginning of the contract management process. We assist our clients by advising them on contract drafting and negotiation strategies to prevent disputes from arising and to safeguard their investments.

On your behalf we can take care that proper contract administration is in place with pertinent project documents, contract correspondence, records about decisions, minutes of meetings, contract amendments, agreement on guarantees, certificates and clear documentation on changes.

As a simple fact of life, certain conditions can change, or certain events can happen so that alterations or deviations of the schedule, costs, quality and of the contract become inevitable. We integrate an effective change management process into the contract so that those necessary changes can be implemented with mutual agreement of all involved parties.

Where disputes arise nonetheless, we actively pursue all opportunities of dispute resolution and advise our clients on choosing the most appropriate method to them and for a particular matter.

At the end of the project we will close out all commercial/contractual issues and hand over the contract documentation to you.

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