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Project Management Consultancy

Our Project Management Consultancy (PMC) teams look out for our client’s best interest by guiding, auditing, monitoring and supporting your contractors in all phases of the project.

In a highly professional and diligent manner we will safeguard that the design and engineering work performed by your contractor is in compliance with the project technical performance parameters and industry applicable codes, regulations and specifications. The ultimate objective is to facilitate and ensure that the contractor’s engineered facility is fit and ready to operate in a safe, reliable and environmentally compliant manner, in accordance with the contract.

IPMS staff will make certain that work by contractors is executed in accordance with the agreed milestones, with continuous effort to challenge and improve the schedule.

As an integrated team with you, we will optimize the Total Investment Cost without compromising safety, progress, quality or project technical requirements.

The initial step is for us to understand your specific objectives and needs so we can tailor our PMC service to meet your demands. We can also help you in conducting an internal evaluation of your organization’s capability and resource availability in relation to your current programme.

During the engineering phases, our custom-made PMC team will typically bring together an average of 10 to 15 individuals with multiple capabilities. This team will reside in your contractor’s engineering office(s) to ensure effective management performance and construction driven engineering activities.

Our experience suggests that most project cost overruns and schedule delays are due to failure to manage controllable risks. We conduct a transparent controlled process to identify, understand, analyze and mitigate the likely risks before they occur.

As your consultant, we make sure that your interests are protected through a solution-driven project management approach.

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Our approach for sustainability:

  • Optimization of site/facility potential
  • Minimizing energy and utilities consumption
  • Reduction of waste and pollution
  • Protection and conservation of resources
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials and products
  • Optimization of operational and maintenance practices
  • Enhancing economic and social benefits
  • Preservation of local cultural identities

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